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A place for imagination and investigation. A place to play with ideas. A place to make meaning.

Ask questions, create answers.

“Why are balloons so floaty? Where did the sea come from? How did the universe get made?”


Every episode of RiDDLE + SQUiZZ is an exercise in thinking: thinking about the world around us, thinking about what we are looking at on the screen, thinking about how we think.


Inquiry-led, play-based, cross-disciplinary. RiDDLE + SQUiZZ considers the needs of children today - in a world saturated with information and visual stimulation - to prepare them for the future, through skills and resources that they already have, and can learn to develop, including attention, innovation, and creative problem solving. 


It is an approach that celebrates and champions diversity. Showing how difference is valuable, and how fulfilling it is to learn from other perspectives and experiences.

RiDDLE + SQUiZZ is created by Wellington/Melbourne based visual production studio RDYSTDY. It was commissioned by NZoA / TVNZ for New Zealand's online platform for children, HEIHEI.

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